About me

Hello! I am Shelley. Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs full of things that fancy my tickle.

I began this blog to conglomerate all the edible goodness that brings me happiness, and a love for sharing this with other people. If I am travelling you will definitely find me scoping out markets and local grocery stores, and filling up my bag with all the tasty things I can fit in it.

My story began as a teenager asking for assistance in how one may cook a potato in a microwave (you can see I began as a true culinary genius), and then beginning to show interest in slightly more elaborate recipes when I was at university, and then plowing headfirst into teaching myself everything from cookies to dumplings when I moved overseas. I have always had an appreciation for international cuisines, but the more I cook and taste, the more I want to learn about all the foods from all the countries. I could talk for hours about these things. So I am always willing to hear about these things from people!

Anyhoo, I hope you find something here that might also tickle your fancy!

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